your guide
The mystical vastness of the inner world has always triggered my interest and inspired me to explore its inviting territory. In particular, I was captivated by the endless, uncharted depths of my psyche, by intense emotions that would unexpectedly emerge in my body, stimulating my desire to understand their language, and by challenging memories of the past that haunted me, forcing me to understand their mission.

While exploring my experiences in the present, I realized that it was heavily influenced by my past. Every single word, phrase, facial expression, behavior, and situation that had ever caused me pain that I was not able to heal and let go of, still lived in me. All those wounds were showing up in my thoughts, in my seemingly unidentified heartache, in my everyday interactions with people, and in the way I perceived the world.

After a period of unsuccessful diligent attempts to avoid or suppress the memories and the pain that the wounds were repeatedly delivering into my consciousness, I decided to embark on a journey of understanding why they did not want to peacefully dissolve in the past. In my exploration, I learned that my wounds did not actually have the purpose of endlessly torturing me, but rather their mission was to inform me, in a quite intense manner, that I was stuck in a certain moment of my past.

From that point rather than running away and trying to avoid exposure, I started to face the painful events of my past and consciously enter a dialog with the parts of me that had been hurt, abandoned, betrayed, rejected, and humiliated. With every healing experience, through a process I call a Psychosomatic Journey, I was learning more and more about the needs of a wound and how essential it was to honor these, so that healing could be possible. With every healed wound, I was feeling peace in my heart, and experiencing how the challenging memories of the past were losing their heavy emotional charge and dissolving in my psyche.

Laura Normile, M.A.
Intuitive Healer & Reiki practitioner