Forgiveness Ritual

"Life becomes easier when you learn to
accept the apology you never got."
Robert Brault
Are you tired of feeling resentment, anger or hatred towards the person who hurt you?

Do you want to release these heavy emotions and set yourself free from being constantly triggered by past events?

If you are eager to take charge of your own healing and break the cycle of re-experiencing past pain then I invite you to join me for the Forgiveness Ritual.

When we experience trauma, the parts of ourselves that receive the impact become trapped in that event, unable to move on. The elements of that traumatic event become the reality that our wounded parts relive over and over, longing for liberation from pain. When someone hurts us it generates a representation of that person within us, keeping us imprisoned in this challenging inner relationship with the offender that we cannot run away from. We cannot force the wounded parts of ourselves to let go of the painful memories and forget what had happened. However, if we offer these wounded parts a healing experience that transforms the impact of the traumatic interaction with the offender, then they can break free from the cycle of pain.

During the Forgiveness Ritual we create a safe space to facilitate the following processes:

• Invite the wounded parts of ourselves to share their raw, unedited story while allowing any corresponding emotions to be witnessed and expressed.

• Energetically connect with the offender on a level that transcends their Ego with its fears, insecurities, and wounds.

• Create a healing, empowering experience that transforms our inner relationship with the offender, diminishing the intensity of trauma and providing a sense of resolution with the past.

• Envelop the wounded parts of ourselves in love and acceptance, gently encouraging their reintegration.

• Relieve the body from the energy of suppressed emotions that were trapped in it, decreasing their negative impact on our wellbeing.

• Offer forgiveness to oneself and to the offender, promoting inner peace and a healing shift in the relationship.

Forgiveness Ritual is offered as a one-on-one process and is available upon request.

IMPORTANT! Forgiveness Ritual requires some preliminary preparation work.


"The forgiveness ritual offered a safe space to move through past trauma and trapped pain that traditional methods of therapy were not able to penetrate. Laura is clearly an experienced professional, and yet I found her sensitive, tender, and compassionate approach to working together to be the most essential qualities to create the trust necessary to be open to the healing process. Not only did the forgiveness ritual release wounds from the trauma I had carried for more than 20 years, but I was also able to transform pain and fear into love and gratitude and that is the power of genuine healing.” Natalie S.

"Laura is a phenomenal facilitator and healer. I participated in her Forgiveness program and left with a freedom and lightness beyond belief. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to her for helping me find the missing link to my healing and express and release it. I highly recommend Laura and her programs." Helen C.

"I recently attended a Forgiveness ritual created and guided by Laura Normile. I had been working on myself and forgiveness for some time. I have been exploring, feeling, learning, growing, and healing but felt stuck. Then, I saw a post for Laura’s Forgiveness ritual and I knew immediately that it was time to let go and stop being stuck. We spoke on the phone and that is actually when the work began. She requested that I bring two letters and without much time to allow fear to hold up the process, I wrote those letters. The writing of those two letters was so very powerful. However, not as powerful as the experience of being in the presence of Laura and participating in the actual ritual. Laura’s energy was very soothing and calming. She created a space of safety every step of the way even through times of great fear and doubt. Laura is a gift and her love, non-judgment, skills, experience, compassion, strength, empathy, and guidance made a massive difference in my healing. This ritual created a perfect space to transform all the hate and resentment into light and love. I recommend this ritual to anyone that would like to release and forgive." Sheri F.
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