enriching relationships through nurturing touch
In our everyday life nurturing touch as a way of connecting, creating trust and intimacy with another human being is pretty much neglected. The experience of touch is commonly associated with that of the sexual domain; thus reducing our experience of touch to the occasional hugs shared with family and friends. This brief physical contact does not allow us to create a deep connection with another person’s body or surrender to the sensation of being held. Furthermore, it falls short in offering a somatic experience of support and acceptance.

This workshop is based on a playful exploration of our beliefs around touch, intimacy, and boundaries through interactive embodied (non-sexual touch based) meditations. In the workshop, participants will experientially learn how to create an intimate connection with another human being that comes from a place of curiosity, open mind and respect for the other while honoring one another’s personality, feelings, and boundaries.

Touch is one of the most important and nurturing means of interaction between humans. It has been found to promote psychological, emotional and physical health. Through touch we are able to convey a wide array of feelings, as well as create a space of safety, trust, authentic connection and intimacy more quickly than through verbal communication. This workshop creates a space where participants can experience heartfelt connection and honor each other’s uniqueness through nurturing, unconditional touch.

Please wear comfortable clothes and come 10min earlier.


Laura's workshop is truly enlightening. I was fortunate enough to have been accompanied by family members at this workshop; none of us the touchy-feely type with each other. Nonetheless, we overcame feelings of discomfort and vulnerability and were able to achieve the deepest connection we've shared with one another in many many years. As the workshop's facilitator, Laura was highly knowledgable, calm, and confident. This set a great tone for the group. I encourage future participants to keep an open-mind and step outside their comfort zone so they too will reap the full benefits of this surprisingly powerful workshop. The exercises are simple, yet so impactful. C.M.