Your child left to college and you notice an uncomfortable feeling in your chest. You brush it off, “It will pass… many people go through this. This is a part of life”. Letting your child go on their own and pick their life path is a natural phenomenon and is essential for them to transition into a self-sustaining adult. However, while honoring the young adult’s right for finding themselves in life, our society does not have a proper procedure to support and ease the psycho-emotional transformation that the parents, especially the mother, experience. This workshop offers a safe and supportive space where you can process any feelings that emerged when your child went away to college, while also reconnecting with your gifts beyond motherhood.

"The Empty Nest program was an eye-opening journey that helped me get back in touch with my individual identity. Laura is wonderful to work with and is very supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend this program for anyone going through this transition." Evelyn N.