A True Explorer Of The Psyche
“When we get traumatized and experience unbearable pain, it can either push us to use anything available to numb the pain or encourage us to break open and seek the transformative power of healing,” states Normile. “Wounds are often formed when someone or a situation causes us a painful experience and we are either incapable of responding appropriately or respond in a way that our mind deems as inadequate. As a result, we get stuck in the past, forced to relive traumatic events and the painful emotions attached to them. Most people have been conditioned to think that the past cannot be changed, and they just have to accept what happened and move on with their lives.”

However, the shift is not always an easy task. “Unhealed past wounds prevent us from moving on by ingraining themselves into our present and adversely impacting our behavior, relationships and capacity to live a joyful life,” notes Normile. “In my experience, disowning our wounds and suppressing the pain they emanate makes healing virtually impossible. Psychosomatic Journey provides the wounded aspect of our self the experience of being seen, understood and accepted, while releasing painful emotions followed by the creation of a transformative, empowering experience that redefines the past.”

She describes the existence of a powerful, wise and compassionate inner healer that is available and ready to offer guidance and support on the path of healing. “Through the practice of Psychosomatic Journey, we reconnect with our inner healer and discover the power we have always possessed,” relates Normile. “Although life can bring us traumatic experiences, it is liberating to know that we don’t have to suffer and carry around the burden of our wounds; we can heal our past and let it dissolve in the depths of our psyche.

Normile reiterates that the discovery of Psychosomatic Journey as a practice for self-healing has been a blessing in her life, offering the power to heal wounds and live life without being haunted by ghosts of the past. She advises, “Having experienced the transformative power of this practice, I have committed to sharing my experience and teaching the insights I have gained so each of us can experience the love and joy that is the essence of our being.”

Originally published with Natural Awakenings Magazine on September 1, 2017.