psychosomatic journey
Life presents us with diverse experiences that impact our minds, hearts, bodies, and psyche. We generally perceive them as uplifting or hurtful, savoring the ones that make our hearts expand in joy and love but often rejecting and suppressing those that cause pain and discomfort.

Have you ever noticed that certain phrases, images, behaviors, and reactions that you encounter in your life instantaneously revive traumatic memories from the past, triggering the pain you thought was gone long ago?

Whether you are conscious of it or not, the wounds of the past influence your perception of the present as well as the choices you make in all the areas of your life. Your wounds attract situations that resonate with their essence. They recreate the trauma you had experienced in the past in order to direct your attention to the wound and stimulate you to seek healing. Although this process may often involve re-experiencing of the original trauma, its purpose is to free you from the burden of the past so you can fully live in the present.

Every wound is endlessly seeking healing; and it has needs that must be honored in order for the healing to happen.

In Psychosomatic Journey, I guide you to explore and work with the following needs of the wound:

• Thoughts - Every wound has a message and it wants to be heard.
• Emotions - Every wound has emotions penetrating it that want to be expressed, witnessed and honored.
• Body - Every wound resides in the body, creating a wide array of sensations, ranging from discomfort to disease.
• Actions - Every wound has a specific request for you that need to be satisfied.

In my perception, healing happens when you not only honor the voices of your heart and psyche, but also that of your body by releasing the energy of the wound, recovering the feeling of safety in the body and supporting it with loving, nurturing touch.

Every suppressed emotion anchors itself in some part of the body, often but not necessarily in the upper body. I have observed that the body releases the energy of wounds more willingly and quickly when touched in a loving, safe, and gentle manner. While guiding you on your Psychosomatic journey, I will either ask you to gently touch the area where the emotion is alive or, with your permission, use nurturing touch and Reiki to create a feeling of safety in your body and support the release of the emotion.


"Laura has been an angel to me. She creates a completely safe space to work in. I have felt safe enough to honestly and openly look at events and relationships that hurt me deeply. We journeyed through them to resolve pain from decades ago. Its a powerful and unique experience." Jeffrey H.

"I was inspired to try Psychosomatic Journey after I heard Laura describe the work that she does. When I drove home after her presentation I very naturally tapped into an experience that I had as a child that I became very emotional about, actually cried as I was driving. I felt on a gut level that her work may be freeing for me and felt compelled to try it. After my first visit, I had a genuine sense of warmth and understanding from Laura. She is a good listener and has a great capacity to tap into some areas of feelings that I had a hard time expressing. I felt completely supported and nurtured, one of the main reasons I felt comfortable working with her.
The first official “journey session” that I did was so impressive! This was an intense experience but after the session, this emotional concern I had been carrying around had completely changed. It did not come up in my mind as a nagging concern that brought all kinds of negative emotions along with it, it felt resolved. I had made peace with it and it was ok. I was drawn to continue working on other areas with her. It felt as though I had begun to heal one layer and I wanted to heal more. In doing this work with Laura I feel I have shed some areas of stuck emotions that have given me more peace, freedom, and joy. My relationship with my husband, although a very good relationship, has become deeper. I have become more intuitive and more trusting of my natural intuition. I have finally begun to do more things that contribute to my sense of peace, and self-love, such as taking some quiet time every day to meditate and I now listen more closely to my inner voice and honor how I am feeling, without explanations or excuses. I would recommend Psychosomatic Journey to anyone who is ready to do some real healing, wants to explore their psyche more deeply, and learn more about who they really are. It is quite an amazing journey." Lisa O.

"I am so thankful and grateful to Laura for helping me in my healing journey and seeing and honoring the wounds and so intricately seeing them and having me believe that I can recreate a positive future for my children and husband but especially myself. I am happy to say that my anxiety that was out of control is now tamed and my racing thoughts and brain has subsided because I can see where my triggers from the wounds are and she showed me how to go around and be patient and loving with myself!! I am forever grateful and thankful for you Laura! Best of the best and so compassionate and loving!" Veronica A.

"Laura is an amazing healer! She has clearly put in the healing work on herself that allows her to connect deeply with her clients. I met Laura through a workshop on psychodrama and I was immediately drawn to her energy that was radiating love. I remember being inspired by her generosity as she freely gave Reiki to fellow healers, including myself, throughout the workshop. She then offered to work with me to more deeply heal relational trauma I was stuck in. I met with Laura for a two-hour healing journey where she worked with me and all of my parts with gentle love and curiosity. She respected what my body and spirit were communicating and adapted the pacing of the work to fit my current needs. She helped me ground into my body and have a relational experience of feeling loved and seen through nurturing touch, and gentle guidance to tune into and share my present moment experience. Our work together released a significant amount of fear and shame, and I am so so grateful. Thank you, Laura!" Jessica A.
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